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Health Tourism

With the end-to-end consultancy services we offer to clinics that want to be successful in health tourism, we design the most effective digital strategies for you to gain foreign patients.

You can benefit from the power of Alsyon’s know-how in health tourism and let your clinic grow, your turnover sources diversify and the exchange rate difference turn in your favor.

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We meet via video call and create your digital marketing strategy.
We create your digital marketing based on your goals and determine the budget distribution.
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By constantly optimizing our campaigns, we ensure that you acquire new customers with excellent results.
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Health Tourism Consultancy

Health tourism continues to be a rising value with the incentives and exchange rate advantage in our country. With the end-to-end consultancy services we offer to clinics that want to be successful in health tourism, we design the most effective digital strategies for you to gain foreign patients.

We enable your potential patients to interact with you with this demand creation strategy that we have designed for agencies, polyclinics, clinics and hospitals. Our automation system can instantly send you an e-mail from the advertisements, write them in the excel table, and save them in your CRM system. All that remains is to create your treatment plan for your patient candidate who is influenced by your advertisements and interacts with you!

Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Through platforms, we manage your digital marketing budget in the most effective way with our expert team certified by these platforms, and we set new targets with the performance evaluation meetings we organize with you every month.

You too can benefit from the power of Alsyon know-how in health tourism, your clinic will grow, your turnover sources will diversify, the exchange rate difference will turn in your favor.

Health Tourism Consultancy Service Features

Free Pre-Analysis Meeting
Specialized Experts
Daily Detailed Reporting
A/B Tests
CRM Integration
Special Consulting Plan for You
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Frequently Asked Questions About Health Tourism

Health tourism is one of the most difficult sectors for digital marketing agencies. When it comes to advertisements for human health, the algorithms of platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram are very sensitive and may cause permanent bans from the system. You should definitely work with an experienced digital agency in the field of health tourism so that you do not experience victimization.

Your patient candidates will see your ads on Google or social networks and are expected to click on the ads. Each advertising campaign is established with a separate goal and methods. In the advertisement where the patient candidate reaches the site, it is aimed that the patients reach you by clicking the live chat, Whatsapp button or your phone number, or to wait for your return by filling out the Make an Appointment form on your site. or a way to reach them by email is followed. All these potential patient data are stored in your email, in the Google excel file that you can access from anywhere, and in your CRM system, if any. Being able to respond quickly to patients who are sent instantaneously is one of the basic conditions of success and you will definitely need a staff who will act agile in this regard, have a high level of foreign language knowledge, and have sales and persuasion skills.

We believe that it will be good if everyone do the job they are best at and we think that you should get consultancy service from the right consultancy firm for this. We direct you to the incentive consultancy firm with which we have a partnership agreement, and we ensure that you carry out your incentive process in the most effective way with our partner’s expert staff.

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